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Does following a panchAnga helpful


does a good muhurata need to be taken into account?

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> I would like to point out that "midday" may or may not be exactly 12 Noon
> Standard Time at a given place. We need to know the sunrise and sunset for
> the place and calculate the daylight duration, half of which is then to be
> added to the sunrise time to arrive at the midday time. For instance, the
> sunrise for Bengaluru is 6:09 AM IST and sunset is 6:22 PM tomorrow. The
> daylight duration would be the time period between sunrise and sunset,
> which in this case is 12 hours 13 minutes. Half of this is 6 hours 6.5
> minutes. Adding 6 hours 6.5 minutes to the sunrise time 6:09 AM gives us
> 12:15:30 PM as the  midday time. Obviously, this time could change from one
> date to another, depending on the sunrise and sunset times at the place on
> the given date.
> Anand
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