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> Namaste
> Many Swamijis have said we can do Madhyanhika in the morning itself before
> going to office. But there is no concession like this for Pratah and Sayam
> Sandhyas. Nobody has said we can do Sayam Sandhya also in the morning
> before going to office. Pratah and Sayam Sandhyas must be done at proper
> time only sunrise and sunset. If you are coming home late from office you
> can do it at the correct time outside home or you can do it after
> coming home with Prayascitta Arghya for the late Sandhya.

The concession for sāyam sandhyā to be done in the morning is not there
because everyone comes home in the evening sooner or later. So the
prāyaschitta arghya for kālātīta karaṇam. In mādhyāhnika since there is the
possibility of the person leaving home early and not being at home in the
noon time, the concession of doing it before going out in the morning is
provided. Moreover, the gap between prātaḥ sandhyā and mādhyāhnikam is
short compared to the morning and evening sandhya. That is another reason
why the latter is not performed in the morning itself.  That does not make
mādhyāhnikam  optional. I know some people who devoutly perform only the
prataḥ sandhya but do not do the sāyam sandhyā at all giving one or the
other excuse.

There is also no need for the shruti to say all things explicitly; that is
why we have bhāṣyas. The Sāyana Bhāṣya gives clear explanation for the

There is the term trisandhyam.


*कब करें ? *
प्रातः सूर्योदय के 10 मिनट पहले से 10 मिनट बाद तक, दोपहर के 12 बजे से 10
मिनट पहले से 10 मिनट बाद तक एवं शाम को सूर्यास्त के 10 मिनट पहले से 10 मिनट
बाद तक  - यह समय संधि का होता है ।
 प्राचीन ऋषि-मुनि त्रिकाल संध्या करते थे । भगवान श्रीरामजी और उनके गुरुदेव
वसिष्ठजी भी त्रिकाल संध्या करते थे । भगवान राम संध्या करने के बाद ही भोजन
करते थे ।

The above practice is followed even today by śiṣṭas.  In Sringeri, people
take tirtha from Swamiji even after breakfast but not after lunch. Lunch is
had only after mādhyāhnika and brahma yajna.

In all pitru karma, it is started only after mādhyāhnika and after the
kārya is over, brahma yajna is done. Even in upākarma it starts after
mādhyāhnika and brahma yajna.

The very first sandhya vandana a vaṭu performs is the mādhyāhnika.


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