[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

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Namaste Sri Raghav Ji

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> Namaste
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> > And sri Ravi Kiran ji, as i understand, srI vidyAraNya holds vAsanAkShaya
> and manonAsha to be for some limited time in life until 'jIvanmukti' (JMV
> definition)

Think among advaitis itself, there are different viewpoints (camps) on this

- sadyomukti (ekatva jnAna prApti) same as jIvanmukti
- jIvanmukti as per JMV

> and not indefinitely till the last days - else what you said
> about the phase when the body deteriorates would be a problem.

Even otherwise, isn't it quite impossible or impractical not to allow
arising of any vRttis
(other than only jnAna vRttis) during waking hrs?

> > But it still begs the question - can all sorrow be truly eliminated?

Knowing that one's Self is forever free, untouched and unaffected from all
and all experiences, however intense or painful they are ( upAdhi nimitta)
is mithyA.

> interestingly says that through VK and MN even the prArabdha effects like
> pApaphala of sorrow can be eliminated.

Yes, any and all practical techniques in JMV to help create a conducive
environment to be in jnAna nishTa is always beneficial to oneself.

> Regards

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