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My view about this topic is that this Vinayaka name only has created a confusion.Ganesa    of Sri Ganesa Pancharathnam has nothing to with the Vinayakas 4 /6 of manavagruhya sutra.Vinayaka means a chief for whom there is no chief to obey.One of the names of Sri Ganesa is Vinayaka.That is all.Sri Ganesa Pancha rathnam also contains this as namamitham Vinayakam.It is just an attributive name.InTamil we say karana peyar.
Sometimes these qualities indicative names are used as main names too to avoid repetition .

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>> While in certain contexts specific lists of named Vinayakas may be given
>> they should be probably thought of as numberless.  An analogy is how the
>> Rudras are sometimes  spoken of as 8 or sometimes 11.  Or the Rudradhyaya
>> of the Yajurveda speaks of the 10 Rudras of the east, 10 of the south etc.
>> The devata of these mantras is simply described as bahurudra.
> There is the mention of saharāṇi saharasraśo ye rudrāh adhi
> bhūmyām....[Thousands of rudras who preside in this world...]
> Similar mention of numerous 'viśṇu-s' is also there:
> https://www.facebook.com/SHREE.PRANNATHJI.JAGNI.ABHIYAN/photos/a.558753344154844.139455.454591304571049/893073194056189/
> नारायण:च शम्भुश्च संहत्य स्वगुणान् बहून् ।
> महद्विष्णौ  विलीनाश्च ते सर्वे *क्षुद्रविष्णव: ।।*
> महद्विष्णो: प्रकृत्यांच सा चैव परमात्मनि ।। (ब्रह्म वै. कृष्ण खंड)
> अर्थात नारायण शम्भु आदि जितने भी वैभव देव हैं वे सब अपने अपने लोक को समेट
> कर महा विष्णु में और महा विषणु प्रकृति में विलिन हो जाते हैं एवं प्रकृति
> (महा - माया) अपने मूल स्वरुप ब्रह्म (सत अव्याकृत - अक्षर ब्रह्म के विभूति
> स्वरुप में विलीन हो जाति हैं। इस प्रकार महा प्रलय के समय व्यष्टि और समष्टि
> सब का लय हो जाता हैं।
> The idea is whatever is there in the world is regarded as That Supreme in
> these forms. Rudra, Vishnu, Devi, are all interchangeable names for That
> Supreme.
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