[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 08:23:41 CDT 2016

Sri Ravi Kiran Ji,

Reg  << If there is something remains to be attained, even after sadAtmana
(advaita) jnAna prApti, it goes contrary to the कृतकृत्यता mentioned in
sruti, smrti and bhAshya ..>>,

Quite so. Nothing needs to be done further  to achieve liberation from
future embodiment. Infact, whatever the Jnani may engage in subsequently,
good or bad, he is assured of such liberation.

Concerning jivanmukti, as I had mentioned earlier, there is no unanimity
amongst the advaitins. A review of the different positions taken is
available in the book Vedanta Paribhasha of Dharmaraja Adhvarindra
translated by Prof Suryanarayana Shastri. It may   also be available in
sidhantalesa samgraha of Sri Appayya Dikshitar. I have not verified though.
The view I have presented is as per Jivanmuktiviveka of Swami Vidyaranya.
He has given extensive pramana for his view drawn from Shruti, Bhashya,
Smruti ,Yogavasishtha,sutasamhita etc. I had given a few in my earlier
post. He has also presented the utility of and sadhana needed for achieving
jivanmukti. Perhaps you could refer to the book itself. Translation by Sri
Manilal Dvivedi is quite nice and is available for download from the Net.

Pranams and Regards

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