[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 07:54:04 CDT 2016

Sri Sujal Ji,

Reg  << One last post in this thread. >>,

There is absolutely no reason why we should not continue whenever any fresh
viewpoint comesup. Only reason why I suggested earlier we can bring this to
a close was because too often the discussions ended leaving a bitter taste
in the end. I wanted to avoid a repetition. As long as we understand that
this is a discussion to clarify our understanding and not about winning a
point, it would be nice to continue. Please feel free to do so.

Reg  << Just like a bhakta who has had darshan of his IshTa devatA is
already sAdhana sampanna, so does an adept yogi who has fully awakened
kuNDalini is sAdhana sampanna. Yoga starts with chitta-vritti nirodha.

Hence both of them (bhata and yogi), need not practice advaita from the
start. They are the best among disciples (uttama adhikAri). they only need
to climb final step and realize their true nature through GYAna.>>,

Absolutely. I concur.

Reg  <<  My understanding is this because I believe that, in yoga, if there
is any way to merge in Brahman i.e. realize Brahman and attain the same
state that an advaitin abides int, then a yogi need not separately practice
advaita phisolophy. >>,

This is where we disagree. There is no way that through yoga alone Brahman
can be realized. That is Advaita Sidhanta. It also stands to reason because
one who follows only the yogic path naturally expects to attain the highest
state postulated in Yoga darshana.  A Yogi (in the sense you have mentioned
) cannot escape transmigration and rebirth as per advaita sidhanta. But you
are right when you say that he is the best of adhikAris for pursuing the
path of Jnana as per advaitic sidhanta. In fact, in case of such a sAdhaka,
both types of “moksha” which I had mentioned earlier  are attained
practically simultaneously.

Pranams and Regards


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