[Advaita-l] Supremacy of Shiva over Vishnu

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Fri Sep 2 23:30:20 CDT 2016

I find it intriguing that people have no problems using western technology
and inventions like computers, internet etc. and at the same time the very
same people dismiss all western scholars as fools! Just as any other
scholars, the arguments of western scholars have their own merits and
demerits, but IMHO, to dismiss the entire class of western scholars as
fools, smacks of intellectual arrogance.

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> Dear Shri Gerald,
> Sri Shankaracharya has in his Gitabhashya said:
> sarva shāstravit api asampradāyavit mūrkhavadeva upekṣaṇīyaḥ = Even if one
> is an expert in all disciplines, if his knowledge is not in accordance with
> the sampradāya, tradition, he is best ignored just as a fool is.
> The views of western scholars are to be so treated in accordance with
> Shankara's advice. This applies to all those views you have listed above as
> his and his ideas expressed below.
> > This matter is important, I believe, to advaita philosophy, particularly
> > as Clark adduces this evidence on the way to making a different point,
> > namely calling into question the legitimacy of claims that Adi
> > Shankaracarya had founded either the Sringeri or Kanchi maths, both
> > of which Clark regards as predominantly shaiva institutions.
> >
> Also, the views expressed by him are not in any way new; they are already
> in existence. They have been amply replied too keeping in view the very
> Shankara bhashyas.  I shall just give one sample to show how Clark's
> understanding of the Bhashya, if at all he had made a deep study of it, is
> wanting. I shall take up his following view:

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