[Advaita-l] Supremacy of Shiva over Vishnu

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> Unfortunately even the arguments classified as affirmative are specious
> too. Classifying Shankaracharya's vision as Vaishnava or Shaiva based on
> stray quotations is missing the wood for the trees.
> The tAtparya of his bhAshyas is very clear - that the one, limitless
> nirguNa Brahman is the highest reality established in the Upanishads, and
> the understanding of oneself to be that reality is the highest, most
> glorious goal worth striving for.

So True, it is rather very unfortunate that instead of focusing the
discussions on the Sruti / bhAshya tAtparya which will lead us to the goal
promised in the Upanishads, the discussions tends to
distract/deviate/mislead by investing much reality into vyavahArikaa (
which could well be hethvAbhAsa) and terming it as advaita, which does not
take one, anywhere near to the Sruti tAtparya,  but, well into anAdi avidyA

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