[Advaita-l] About the Janārdana Temple in Sringeri

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Fri Sep 2 14:54:50 CDT 2016

The more interesting thing from the same Sringeri mutt link is this -

{The exquisite form of*janArdhana *carved in granite flanked by*Sridevi and
bhudevi on two sides,* has*chaturbhuja with shanka, chakra abhaya mudra and
varada mudra, a gadha and a prabhavali*.}

So even the folks at Sringeri hold the opinion that Janardhana is
shanka-chakra-gadha-dhaari and is Lakshmipati. Looks like the theory that
Narayana is nirvisesha Brahman does not seem to be on firm traditional

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> This page of the Sringeri Mutt website gives a lot of information about the
> Janādana Temple in the Sringeri Mutt campus:
> http://www.sringeri.net/temples/sri-janardana

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