[Advaita-l] Supremacy of Siva as Brahman

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Yes. The issues are petty and meaningless. But we get to know about many
sayings in our Upanishds /Puranas /ithihasas which help deepen our
R. Krishnamoorthy.
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> Namaste,
> Supremacy of Shiva over Vishnu / Vishnu over Shiva are irrelevant topics
> in advaita.
> And that is why, to sort of these petty issues, Acharya Sankara incarnated
> to unify us.
> Several years back, before taking panchAyatana, I used to argue like this.
> Thanks to panchAyAtana worship that I am now done with the feeling of
> narrow religious bigotry and quarrel over petty & silly aspects over
> supremacy of dEvata.
> We need to rise above these petty issues .....O how long we would be
> trapped in this
> quagmire of supremacy of one god over another....
> Seems to be childish ....quarrelling for a particular toy in the shop
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