[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Mar 30 03:22:47 CDT 2016

praNAms Sri Ranjit prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Even all the other schools of philosophy quote the same scriptures but their interpretation is different. 

>  I agree prabhuji.

So merely quoting Shankara bhashya ‎means nothing.  

>  if shankara bhAshya is nothing I don’t know what else is 'something' in this discussion :-) 

This is not a fiction novel which can be interpreted as per one's fancy and which is inconsequential. 

>  yes, that is the reason why our sharing of thoughts should be based on shruti and AchAryOpadesha.  In that sense, bhAshya reference is 'something' not 'nothing' :-)

Understanding the elementary concepts free from doubts is the key for firm conviction, Nishta. 

>  blindly following the socalled elementary concepts without examining & tallying with shruti, yukti, anubhava and AcharyOpadesha  does not make anyone 'nishTa'.  

So in my humble opinion, proclaiming one's own understanding as the siddhanta without validation from a guru who is sampradayavit is a great insult to the gurus. 

>  prabhuji, if you are targeting this comment towards me then please note I am not pushing my thoughts forcefully here I am just sharing what is there in the shruti and bhAshya and I don’t claim that my understanding of it is the ultimate siddhAnta in Advaita :-)  By the way it is not my own understanding of siddhAnta as you are assuming, some of the scholars who have sAmpradAyik teaching too are of the opinion that jagan mithyatva as propagated by others is conspicuous by its absence in shankara's prasthAna traya bhAshya.  Kindly note I am not holding my parama guruji Sri SSS's viewpoints here to claim  this.  

Ridiculing and insulting their own guru may be the tenets of other school but not Advaita.

>  kindly bring it on the true Advaita teaching of shankara we will base our discussion on that.  But unfortunately I have so far hardly seen anything from your good self  with regard to this.  

I have seen some people who have started a new trend that Shankara was right but his students misinterpreted or something of that sort. So can we accept that the legends like Vachaspati Misra, Appayya Dikshita, Sadashiva Brahmendra etc were incorrect in their understanding.

>  in the context of this discussion, this question is quite irrelevant.  Let us focus on the subject matter without any biases prabhuji.  

>  kindly don’t think otherwise if you don’t hear from me in future.  It is always better to avoid the general / personal  comments, observations.  I reckon replies to that  would  ultimately produces more heat than light.  I abstain myself from engaging in that type of discussion.  Hope you understand my priority.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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