[Advaita-l] Who is this Angustha Parimana Purusha?

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Namaste Shashwata Shastri
The Paramaatman cannot be described in words.
He is beyond space and time.
If I recall correctly, the "size of the thumb" describes the space within
the heart wherein the Supreme resides.
Scriptures provide explanations to point the mind in a certain direction,
but the ultimately the mind needs to come to stillness in order for
Consciousness to manifest fully.
Like a map shows one where the best roads are, scriptures guide us to the
But the map cannot take the journey - and the destination is not in the map.

If you are looking for the Brahman in creation, you will not find it!
And yet all of creation is a form of that same Brahman.
Mind / Senses cannot perceive the Brahman since that Brahman is the very
source of the looking / thinking.
Greater than the greatest, smaller than the smallest - yet eternally
tat tvam asi

Yours in Truth

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> The infinite Brahman is imagined as the exact same size as the thumb. I
> need an explanation regarding this. And also in Svetastvara it is stated
> that the self is the thousandth of the tip of a hair.
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