[Advaita-l] Being Compassionate - By Removing Fear

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 Source : Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh.Sudhamahi Ragunathan
Dear Friends,                        To be compassionate or to forgive some body's mistakes is not an easy task, In order to  this one should be free from fear and able to give all the materialistic things without expecting anything in return, this can only be done by a 'Veera' only. Then Question comes is how can we remove our fear, some times it comes to us as act of compassion. What causes Fear? It can be described as a feeling of not being good enough and a feeling of insecurity. It also comes from the ignorance of the rules that are in operate in the world and possibility of loosing material wealth and relationships.Fear can be born from the wrong revengeful enemy , lust, target less ness and felling of not able to fulfil the committed tasks.           Jainism believes removal of all fearful activities describes as abhayadanam is the highest quality charity, best action and supreme manifestation of compassion.              Compassion can also be termed in sometimes as daya, vatsalya, karuna, anukampa, karunya, dana, maitri in different sinario's with some commonalities. Compassion form the foundation for FAITH. As the divine energy present in all human beings is same as ESWARA is same in all  & All souls are same leading to one final destination. Causing harm to one soul is nothing but causing harm to one self  which disrespects the universality of the soul as it can be insect or a plant.           Even the mosquito / cockroach that you spray against its biting has a desire to live and striving for its existence as you & I do with the same effort.  All are part of Food cycle only. Jains tell us a true fact that being compassionate is more than ahimsa. It is understanding some one's feeling, appreciation of some one's mind, giving them an unique opportunity to live their own path by serving the master.
Here is one examples of one of the 24 dattatreya's guru's is 'Courtsean".
Some time back, it was happened that  a monk was doing peace in a dancing lady's (Vesaya/kalavti/ not prostitute) house. In reality the monk was really testing his will power, chitta & steadyness. but the kala's arose  from the lady i.e charms made him forget his targets.  Lust was overtaking his spiritual thoughts  and inclination. The lady rebuked him in a such manner that he became conscious of his own foolish acts and back to the path of renunciation with his guru's soul.The so called lady i.e courtesan being compassionate to the monk for several years. The monk is none other than the person who sold is ferari or beloved BMW.
So a person who is on the path of renunciation will get automatic support from the nature, mother goddess, guru, through all the people whom you meet in the travel path, it is certain, only thing one should keep is that Divine vision, acceptance to open critics, finally being "COMPASSIONATE HRIDAYA".
If some one having compassionate hridaya then , liberation from this cycle is certain as the sriguru opens the door to unite in his atma, will happen. Atma vidya/ srividya will take the road to join the ananta jyothi of the paramatma/ parabrahama swarupa
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Kameswara Rao

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