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Subject: Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??
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Unless there is Sukthi before, and Rajatha has been known earlier, no
projection of Rajatha on Sukthi is possible.  This Sukthi is Adhishtana
while the Rajatha seen earlier is Pradhana.  Both these are similar to each
other.  These two are essential and sine qua non to have the illusory
projection of Rajatha over Sukthi.  Similarly, to have illusory projection
of Jagat, two more Jagats are necessary.  One to serve as Adhishtana and
the other to serve as Pradhana, that are Real.  If so, then the very
purpose of envisaging the illusory projection of the world is defeated.
This results in a situation whereby Adwaitins would be accepting TWO REAL
WORLDs in their illogical anxiety to deny one real world.

Sriman Jaya Tirtha makes fun of the illogic of Adwaithis as follows in his
Teeka for Srimad Acharya's Vishnutatwa Vinirnaya - Pinyakayachanartham
Gathasya Pishachasya Swarithailadhana Prathigyavath Adhikaha - Aapatath.


PS:  No point in debating the logically challenged.  Most of them do not
have the logical ability beyond than that of a 7th or 8th grader middle
school kids.  They Will resort to circular logic, time and time again.

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