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Viswanathji - PraNAms

Thanks for your input. 

Here is my understanding. 

Vedanta provides - not only the analysis of jeeva, but about the world and the creator of the world - Iswara. - as the current discussion on the mithyaatva aspect of the world is going on. 1. Brahma satyam 2. jagan mithyaa and 3. jeevo brahma eva na aparaH The mahaavakyaas emphasizes that and the rest of the vaakyaas are called avantara vaakyaas or preparatory statements for the appreciation of the mahaavaakayas. 

If the understanding and appreciation of all the three listed above is there,  then spirituality will be successful - In that sense Vedanta is not a religion but the teaching of the above facts. Religion provides the necessary frame of mind to understand Vedanta. For that chitta ekaagrata and chitta vishaalata are required. Any religion that helps in the later two is appropriate since it prepares the mind to accept maahaavakyas. 

If that is what you mean by spirituality, then that is Vedanta only.

Just my 2c. Thanks again for taking active role to express your views. 

Hari Om!

On Wed, 3/23/16, Vishy <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:

 has to be very religious, no doubt, but that doesn't
 mean that one has to followany
 organized religion or religious structures.Here
 religiousness is more important, ie,religious
 means  true to be with himself totally, being very much
 conscious , to be very much aware.
 feel these kind of religiousness if fundamental for any
 spiritual journey, this search is the vedanta

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