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Namaste Sada Ji, 
Though technically not a must, it will be difficult without one being religious in some way or the other. Religion is 'karma yoga' which aids,' chithasudhi '. Spirituality is' jaana yoga'. Both requires time & efforts. Over a period one may have to wean away from the ritualistic religion to engage that time into the study of the scriptures. 
A very important point to remember is that of the example one sets. A total negation of religion might lead the others also to follow suit and will miss the chance to purify the mind, the key qualification for spirituality. 

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PraNAms to all.

What is the difference between Religion vs Spirituality? Are the complimentary or sometime contradictory. Should one has to be Religious (whatever that means?) to be spiritual and for one to follow spirituality should one has to be religious. 

The question is raised since I see in some posts in facebook that Religion is a problem or is causing lot of problem in the very practice and can even be obstruction for spirituality. I have also seen many who spend lot of time in daily religions practices and not interested in Vedantic study. 

Hari Om!

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