[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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The knowledge of Advaita is useful to begin with, but it become effective and produce result when we develop the Vairagya. At that stage we essentially become the Sanyashi, not necessarily by our attire, but by our attitude. The
 Vyavaharika Satya vanishes for the realized, but not for the world.. The Sun and Moon will shine for the others but the realized will become one with the Sun and the Moon and everything. 
 My 2 cents

Sunilji - PraNAms

Your 2c are very valuable. Only add to the above statement -

The vyaavaraarika satyam remains as vyaavahaarika satyam when it is understood as such, that is when satyasya satyam is recognized or cognitively realized using viveka - As you have mentioned giving up the satyasya satyam that one assumes to vyaavahaarika satyam is vairagya. 

Jnaani does transact (thank God for that ,other wise we will not have any teachers left) in the vyaavahaarika satyam taking it in its value as apparent reality. The absolute reality that we assume to the  world is difficult to give up but not impossible - says Krishna

abhyaasenatu kounteya vairaagyena ca gRihyate - along with vairagya constant practice of the mind to shift its attention to the I am part in the equation I am = this. 

 Yes vairaagya to the apparent satyam in order to recognize the satyasya satyam is required to abide in the knowledge of satyasya satyam, which is the substratum for the jiiva-jagat-Iswara. 

2 more Cents.

Hari Om!

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