[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> any existence be attributed to ornaments without the presence of gold in
> it??


> When you know the true svarUpa of gold,

​True svarUpa of Gold? Really?
Do you want to say 'of ornament'?

> the socalled nAma rUpa is nothing but gold only i.e. satyameva.

I've not seen such  an expression from any serious student.
Are you really studying vedAnta for a few years?

Who in this world says that nAma-rUpa (of ornament)​

​is one with gold?

> Shankara talks about 'bheda buddhi nivrutti' NOT bhedAkAra nivrutti.

Really, so satchidAnandenra jI support this view? At least have a look at
his works. He puts things very clearly.
As you are making proclamations, there is no need to put proof for
supporting my views too. So, I proclaim that if bhedAkAra doesn't dissolve
by GYAna, then it must be real and it makes advaita impossible.
I don't think you care about advaita-system.

> Hence it has been clarified that the 'jagat' will not be vanquished by
> attaining the brahmavidyA.

​Sure! That's why you need to read first adhikaraNam of brahmasUtra, if you
could get the correct meaning without superimposing your pet theories on

> But the assumptions (like it is asarvaM, paricchinnaM, independent from
> its svarUpa etc.)  about jagat conceived by the one who endowed with avidyA
> are gone!!??  For that matter brahma vidyA svarUpa jnana does not create
> anything new nor destroy a thing in front.  It (jnana) can reveal the
> 'truth' behind jagat which is nothing but brahman.

​Enough. I can't bear any more.
I've other works to do. Most important of them is to learn new shAstra-s.
I'll suggest all to learn to learn, if they are serious.
Future posts will be neglected.


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