[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> To differentiate between the adhiSTAna (of jagat) and svarUpa (of jIva), I
> am attempting two analogies as follows.
> Request the learned members to comment.
> 1. Brahman being the adhiSTAna of jagat can be explained by the mirage in
> the desert, wherein the mirage has nAma-rUpa but ultimately it is bhrama
> (illusion) with the hot sand being only the adhiSTAna, but not its svarUpa.
> 2. The svarUpa of jIva being Brahman can be explained using the
> gold-ornaments example, wherein when you remove the nAma-rUpa of the
> ornaments, only the gold (svarUpa) remains.

I find the  gold-ornaments example is analogy of the Brahman being the
adhiSTAna of jagat..  though the ornaments ( jagat) is experienced, it is
not paramArthikam, while Brahman alone is ...

While, the mirage in the desert or rajju-sarpa example, analogous to the
svarUpa of jIva being Brahman - like the non-existent water or the
no-existent sarpa, jIva is non-existent at all times ( jagrat, svapna or

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> Venkateswaran N E

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