[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> Hari Om,
> Pranams,
> I have few doubts. Appreciate if they can be clarified:
> 1
> "​chaitanyam in it's jIvatva-state can't be identified with brahman."
> ​i. Can we say
> chaitanyam in it's jIvatva-state is vachArthA,   sudha brahman is
> lakSharthA?

​The basic problem here is that we are not talking about shAbdabodha, so
there is no need to bring vAchyArtha and laxyArtha.
You wrote vAchArtha and laxArtha? That's enough to tell that there is some

> 2.  "vivarttopAdAna can't be identified with kArya"
> How can one be termed as upadana without knowing that there is a kArya?

​Did I say anything like that?
Here, identification means to know as one. I didn't say that kArya can't be

> 3
> "If you want to add brahman to nAma and rUpa, then it must be added as
> adhiShThAna; not as a svarUpa(part) of jagat.
> While in the case of jIva, brahman(chaitanya) is part of svarUpa too."
> i. here are we saying
> chaitanya is part of svarUpa and adhiShThAna is not.


> ii. In other words are we saying, there can be adhiShThAna (sat) without
> chaitanya?
> chaitanya without adhiShThAna (sat)?


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