[Advaita-l] Getting Eternal Happiness by Giving SELFLESSLY

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Wed Mar 16 22:11:24 CDT 2016

Source: Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh. Jaya Row
Dear  Friends,                          Finding Happiness in the activities one does in a day is the need of the hour and one can succeed in this path if the efforts were made to do the self-less serve, then it is certain that success will follow on its own. In order to do this, one should have self-management and for this our Bhagavad gita is the master book to have self-management in personal life. Gita nicely explains the nature of the world, gives preparedness for shocks of the life and makes you strong to face the sufferings in life.
                    Arjuna, an out standing warrior in the battle field collapses suddenly by seeing his grand fathers, cousins, brothers & all his relatives and unable to face the war with strong emotions as his emotional intelligence was zero at that time. Krishna, his dear friend, great radhasaradhi delivers the sermon of the gita in the middle of the battle field which revives and rehabilitates the arjuna to stand , to fight the war and win the battle ultimately. This is Gita Saramsa.                        It says one should have a goal beyond our limited self-fish centred interests and one should rise above in thought process of common people's thinking. One should strive to serve the master with talent without profit making thought process and then prosperity rain down automatically . The only way to gain eternal happiness is to give selflessly . 
            Shankaracharya teaches us the knowledge comes from Nitya anitya viveka vichara reflection on the distinction between the permanent and impermanent.
           Final message will be that one should live life wisely and should not sell your self short or for any materialistic benefits, always strive for infinite (ananta ananta ananta tantnta tanta tanta ananta) happiness and one fine day the world will be at your feet, it is certain , going to Happen for any sincere sadhaka who does self less service to the own mother land.
with regards
kameswara Rao

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