[Advaita-l] sushuptAtman Vs tureeyAtman

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> Namaste
> If Sushupti is Parameshwara what is coma and unconscious Avastha? They
> also must become Parameshwara? But nobody can agree we will become One
> with Brahman in coma and unconscious state with no Avidya at all.
> Because then a person going to coma will get Moksha. But it is not
> true.  This means there is Avidya in coma and in Sushupti also. That
> Avidya in seed form is Mula Avidya.

The status of unconsciousness (mugdha avasthā) is discussed in BSB 3.2.10
and the points of similarities and dissimilarities with sleep are



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