[Advaita-l] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> 4. If this jagat is causing dhukha and if jnAna is said to be destroy this
> dhukha, then the cause of dhukha this jagat cannot be destroyed if it is
> real. Hence jagat is said to be mithya.
> This is how mithyattvam of jagat is derived from anumAna only. Shruti has
> not employed here to drive this point.
> This is the gist when  Shankara says while starting the commentary on
> vaitathya prakaraNa says that this prakaraNa is meant to prove the falsity
> of world using anumAna: tatra upapattyA.api dvaitasya vaitathyaM
> shakyate.avadhArayituM iti dvitIyaM prakaraNamArabhate |

In the āgama prakaraṇa (first chapter) itself the dvaita mithyātva has been
established by āgama pramāṇa.  The 7th mantra is the pramāṇa which shows
the shāntam shivam advaitam Chaturtham, Atmā, vijneyaḥ as
prapanchopashamam. What has been done there with āgama pramana is now
further strengthened for mananam in the vaitathya prakaranam by using

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