[Advaita-l] Abhirami Antadi

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Sat Mar 12 13:27:22 CST 2016

SrimAtre namaH

I have access to audio lectures -
http://ambaa.org/audio/abhirami_antadi/index.html.  Since, since Sri
Sundararaman  passed away - I have suspended distributing the audio
material I received from him. After reading your message, I started
working on getting permissions to post this on archive.org. I will update
you once I get permissions.

   Regarding the books, one by ki-va-jaa is the best I have seen.  Book
written by Kannadasan is not that good. As far as audio rendering of the
text is concerned, one by Sirkaazhi Govindaraajan is amazing.  Prof.
Narayanaswamy once told me that Sri Govindarajan rendering incorporates
many different ragas.


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> Sir,
> I looking to get any lectures delivered on Abhraami Antaadi giving
> meanings and explanations. Would appreciate if the readers of this forum
> can give information.
> ThanksRamani
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