[Advaita-l] Nyayasudha Objections 1

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Mar 12 12:16:59 CST 2016



Instead what's been done is we decide the hEtu first that "since there 
cannot be be any bheda at the pAramArthika level" type and then 
using this kind of hEtu one is explaining away bhEda vAkyas as arthavAda.


The ब्रह्मगीता  of सूतसम्हिता says:

व्यावहारिकसत्यार्थं साक्षात्सत्यार्थचिद्घनम ।
उभयं वक्ति वेदस्तु मार्गानैवं वदन्ति हि ॥ (13)

The rough translation of mine:

shruti (veda) speaks of 2 levels of reality depending upon the 
objectives of purushArtha.  The veda advises to seek dharma, artha & 
kAma by accepting "vyavahArika satya";  Ultimately, it (veda) also
points towards the "pAramArthika satya" by negating all the multitudes 
of names and forms by establishing the only single truth called "brahman".
The vedantin should take this second level ie., pAramArthika satya as
pramANa which is the only acceptable truth for a mumukshu.


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