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> >Then other set of vAkyas has to forego and thereby step into shrutahAna
> >territory!
> >That's fine, buy again, what happens to other set of vAkya-s?
> The topic of Bheda-shrutis vis a vis the abheda-shrutis is discussed in
> detail in the advaitasiddhi. Suffice it to say that, one solution is to
> accept Bheda-shrutis, those vAkyas of the shruti that seem to deal with
> duality, as describing vyAvahArika bheda, since there cannot be be any
> bheda at the pAramArthika level.

This exactly is what dvaitins do not agree. Bheda or no bhEda at the
ultimate level has to come only after doing samanvya of both type of
vAkya-s as these vAkyas are our starting point. Instead what's been done is
we decide the hEtu first that "since there cannot be be any bheda at the
pAramArthika level" type and then using this kind of hEtu one is explaining
away bhEda vAkyas as arthavAda.

> Bheda shrutis play a role similar to the
> role played by arthavAdas in the context of a vidhi, vide mImAMsA sUtra -
> vidhinA tu ekavAkyatvAt stutyarthatvena vidhInAM syuH, 1.2.7. Just as
> arthavAda vAkyas are not independent pramANas but do help by supporting and
> commending the enjoined act (vidhi), bheda-shrutis too serve the purpose
> of supporting the abheda-shrutis. Taken independently, they are not
> pramANas for revealing Brahman. Hence, there is no shrutahani.

arthavAda is one of tAtparya linga-s, and can be applied only when
vAchyatva of pada-s in vAkhya is accepted. It cannot be done so in the paxa
where all pada-s are considered as lakShya only.


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