[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Wake up to Atma Jnana

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 01:25:16 CST 2016

Happy Maha Shivaratri!
(Tattvaloka, June 2015)
A spiritual life gives happiness to man in this as well as the other world.
It consists of devotion to God, unshakable faith, prayer and stasanga.
Those with a taste for vedantic enquiry go a step further.
Some of them begin to wonder whether all worldly activities are true or false.
Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada explains that all activities appear true until attains
tattva jnana, just as dreams look real until one wakes up.
sarvavyavahaaraaNaameva praagbramhaatmataaviGYaanaat.h satyatvopapatteH .
svapnavyavahaarasyeva praakprabodhaat.h ...
Just as while dreaming one does not feel that all occurrences in the dream are
not real but appear to be real, so also to one immersed in ajnana, this world
and its happenings, living beings, all appear to be true, till the dawn of
knowledge of Atman.
Just as, after waking up, a man sees not the scenes which were presented to him
during dream, so too, subsequent to the dawn of right knowledge, he sees not the
universe (as real, thereafter).
nidrayaa darshitaan.h arthaan.h na pashyati yathotthitaH .
samyagGYAnodayaaduurdhvaM tathaa vishvaM na pashyati ..
We bless all to attain Atma Jnana.

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