[Advaita-l] Question on time spent learning Sanskrit Grammar post-50 years old vs. Sadhana

Ravi Chandrasekhara vadhula at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 21:55:49 CST 2016

At age 48 and learning Sanskrit grammar/conversation, this question enters my mind.

I can get by easily with English and with more effort: Hindi and Kannada.

But what is the right balance?  At that rate, no will bother to learn Sanskrit, regardless of age.

Or when should one cease learning Sanskrit grammar? If not SKT, then free time tends to be used in non spiritual endeavors.

Responses from learned welcome.

Ravi Chabdrasekhars

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> On Mar 6, 2016, at 20:52, Sanju Nath via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> Pranams:
> Given the advice in BhajGovindam (reproduced below) how much time should we
> prioritize for learning Sanskrit versus meditation/reading English
> translations/Svadhayaya/other Sadhana?
> In the time it takes to read grammar, one can use English/Hindi
> translations to understand better some slokas too.   There is no dearth of
> reflection and understanding opportunity here.
> The fear is that I'm being a mudha when I choose to pickup a grammar book
> in comparison to other options.
> Thanks,
> Sanju.
> *************
> During his stay in Kashi, Adi Shankaracharya noticed a very old man
> studying the rules of Sanskrit by Panini.  Shankara was touched with
> pity at seeing the plight of the old man spending his years at a mere
> intellectual accomplishment while he would be better off praying and
> spending time to control his mind.
> मूढः कश्चन वैयाकरणो
> डुकृञ्करणाध्ययन धुरिणः ।
> श्रीमच्छम्कर भगवच्छिष्यै
> बोधित आसिच्छोधितकरणः ॥ ३२॥
> Thus a silly grammarian lost in rules cleansed of his narrow
> vision and shown the Light by Shankara's apostles.
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