[Advaita-l] Maha ShivaRatri- Dance of Shiva-BHIRAVOTSAVA

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Source: Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh. Advaitvadini  Kaul 
Phalguna Krishna Tryodasi/Chaturdasi - Maha Shivaratri Parva  
Dear Friends,                       Scriptures describes Shiva is a combination of Four ways, Purnatva-perfection, Svatantrya- Freedom, Bhuma-Infinitude/ananta and Ananda - pure Bliss. All these four are more or less same with pure consciousness. Perfection is a state of complete enrichment where nirvana prevails, a state of no desires. 
                      One can a raise a question if shiva is free from desires, why does he feel the necessity to create the world? as all human beings perform actions with some intended purpose or satisfying desires. But the question of the hour will be why should a perfect being, who lacks nothing, do anything, that too the gigantic task of creation. 
Kashmiri Shaivism  describes that creation is not understood as an act where voluntary or wilful effort is made to fulfil a want, need of the hour naturally.  It also tell us that universe  is the result of sportive activity, Lila of Lord . Indeed it is the blissful dance of Nataraja - Shiva Tandava. and The dancing shiva symbolises the real natures of shiva as creator in a realistic manner lord tells us the Creation is not for Joy but from Joy. Sir John Woodroofe, author of the book Serpent power, describes that Spanda is the dynamic power that Pours out the potentialities held in the infinitude of shiva and explains out of the formless depths of eternal being.
Swami Muktananda says " Though shiva is nothing, he biomes everything necessary at the proper time. He hold without hands, walks without feet and hears without ears. He is neither a man or woman butcondiuts the workings of the world by taking the form of man and woman. 
Shivaratri popularly known as 'Heyrat ' in Kashmir  Celebrates as the "BHAIRAVATOSAVA".  It also reminds the practise of the strong bhairava tradition in Kashmir where asta bhairavas/ Lokpalas guards the City.  On the night of Heyrat  Bhairava yagna is performed which elaborates  ritual worship of Bhairava-Bhairavi along with the devi sutra "VATUKA".
As the Rudra Namaka Parayana as per shivagama tells us that Shiva is " Pradhamo Devo Bhishak" which means He is the First Doctor to be visited in case of any unforeseen situation. He is Niranjana, Nirvikara, Nirguna Paramatma, Parabrahamma Swarupa.
Sri Guror Dakshina Murthe Bhaktanu grahakaraka
Trikshna Danta Maha kaya Kalpanta Dahanopama
Bhiravaya Nama stubhayam Anujnam Datumarahasi.

Sriguru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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