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KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 3 06:42:33 CST 2016

Source: Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Isha Foundation
Dear Friends,                            Most religions have constitution of their own which described by the divine or its messenger. Since it is originated from the divine  and it does not requires any corrections which results in a dogma situation leading to History of conflict.  As the Scriptures of the gods or his messenger 's words have brought the peace to the society, spreaded the love in the hearts of the disciples but failed in making the truth as the ultimate authority, but the time has made the custodians of the documents as the authority.
In contrary, the republic is an excellent  product of the respective constitutions,. It is a set of planned documents were people sat together and agreed upon mutual consent. It can be modified as per the requirements  and mind  sets of the time, but it is an understanding, not the binding. 
Every citizen must be encouraged to think, Question, challenge and express freely without any fear in the interest of the nation. Nation's interests always should be protected by saving the fuel by keeping the watch dogs.  This should be our inviolable rights which forms the basis for a lively democratic nation. We need to revamp our education system, emotional values for a deeper understanding of the democratic process. 
The need of the hour towards country is the humble submission of each individual of the society  by abiding to the constitution with vibrant nature, introspective and discriminating attitude with responsibility.
Although Religion and Science goes together hand in hand, but there is a saying that where the science ends religion starts speaking but I don't know whether vice versa holds true or not. Any leaned members can comment or contribute their views in this regard.
How ever, It is my personal feeling that when the priority comes , nation's interests should be on top and kept at par with the mother's worship.
regardsKameswara Rao

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