[Advaita-l] मदालसायाः आलोलिका (स्वापिका) (The Lullaby of Queen Madalasa)

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Thu Mar 3 05:28:57 CST 2016

Namaste Bhaskarji,

The same doubt was expressed by her husband.  

King Kuvalayaswa asks his queen that when I have named
my 3 sons so beautifully that have meaningful names why you have
chosen a queer and meaningless one for my 4th one.  The queen madAlasa 
laughs and quotes extempore as :

kalpanEyaM mahArAja krutA samvyAyahArikI
tvatkrutAnAM tathA nAmnAM shruNu bhUpa nirarthakaM

The name is for the sake of vyavahAra only which has been coined by
we mortals. Realistically speaking, the Omnipresent Self, is beyond
names and forms. 

So, my dear husband Kuvalaswa ! don't be under the false impression
that the names you have chosen for your 3 kids are meaningful. 
See ! you have chosen such a beautiful names so that they may
become famous in vyavahAra jagat but they have become sanyAsis !

yadi samvyavahArArthaM asannAma prakalpyatE
nAmni kasmAt alarkhyE nairarthyaM bhavatO mataM ?

When the vyavahAra is an illusory by nature, one can add any number 
of beautiful names to this gross body which is a combination of 5 elements. 
So, your thought that my naming of 4th son as "alarka" is absurd is meaningless. 

For vyavahAra, which is by itself mithyA, any same would suffice.


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