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Dear Friends,s                       Inorder to maintain inner peace, calm & stability regardless of circumstances , we need  to do daily meditation without any reaction and introspection by adopting the method of taking what every comes to you on that particular day. Meditation is the best medication of all agitations. Now a days People's starts the day with  so many troubles, mainly related to the stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and discontent. To address this people takes Pills to calm their mind as they need to work on their respective missions with  cool mind and seva bhava or service attitude. In this path, people  strives for gold standards  and when the fell stressed in between , they frequently attempt to forget about it by roaming to different places, watching movies, doing shopping , Drinking alcohol or indulging in sensual pleasures. 
However, these are not solutions as they neither address nor alleviate  the underlying the issues, but they are simply first-aid bandages to a wound that runs deep beneath the surface. Meditation truly calms the mind, fills the heath with Joy and brings peace to the soul. The serenity/santicity /Joy found in meditation last through the day and Fills the energy storage tank  which will be sufficient through out the life. Meditation brings you in contact with the god as it changes the very natures of your being and it brings you back to the world which you truly come : the realm of the divine.
When you are travelling, a trip awaits from your loved ones, you don't need to talk for hours on the phone each day, but you do yearn to call and just check in with each other to hear each other's voice to " get connected " and  that's what Sh. P. Sriram mentioning the incidence of gajanan maharaja, shegov during that fire out break. It is same with the god, although we are one with him, but he is inside us& all around until we can deeply realise the oneness, we feel separate as  long as the feeling of that separateness is there, we need meditation.  It is the time in which we reconnected to the god and delving deep into the inner core of our own being, merging and melting into the Divine Ocean of Bliss.
Eventually in this process our life will become meditated and you will become a 'TORCH'  bearer of peace, spreading the light of serenity, love and brotherhood wherever you go and it is the Divine  Gift to some one by a 'SRIGURU'.
On my Personal front Geographical borders  which divide the humanity by political entities should  be avoided . Serving a democratic nation  should always be the top priority. , but no polices are 100% perfect  as they requires correction for serving the nation better.  When everyone was allowed to say about what they want to say i.e freedom of speech  , we need to do that with great caution and responsibility. Every citizen of the country needs to understand the fundamentals of the republican democratic country.  A True Citizen means abiding by the constitution  not just by submitting themselves, but with with empowered choice and intelligence. 
I feel that No other choice can be better to leave the physical body for the cause of  'serving the nation', the Mother Land with the child like attitude with the help of the Divine.
Sriguru Padaravindarpana masturegardsKamswara Rao

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