[Advaita-l] The Tinged Brahman of Deep Sleep, etc.

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Namaste Sri Subbu ji,

Thank you for a very informative write up. My understanding is very much in
line with your article.

In a related matter, I had some issues reconciling /interpreting the
bhAshya of Br. Up. 4.3.21.

The specific vAkya I am having a problem reconciling with is :
यत आत्मकामम् — आत्मैव कामाः यस्मिन् रूपे, अन्यत्र प्रविभक्ता इव अन्यत्वेन
काम्यमानाः यथा जाग्रत्स्वप्नयोः, तस्य आत्मैव
अन्यत्वप्रत्युपस्थापकहेतोरविद्याया अभावात्

The translation from Swami Madhavananda: "Because all objects of desire are
but the self in this form. In states other than that of profound sleep,
i.e. in the waking and dreaming states, things are separated as it were,
from the self and desired as such. But to one who is fast asleep, they
become the self, since there is no ignorance to project the idea of

The last bit is particularly problematic, because it seems to say that
there is no ignorance in deep sleep state, and prima facie, seems to rule
out the presence of  kAraNa sharIra (of the nature of ignorance) in deep

Any thoughts?

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> The Tinged Brahman of Deep Sleep, etc.
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