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> The wife a nityagnihotri hears her husband's gotra innumerable times when
> he utters his pravara after finishing
> the agnihotra. A wife not knowing the gotra of her husband is rather
> difficult to believe.

Do we know satyakAmas father was a nityagnihotri?  Even in the "good old 
days" very few people were.  But yes in general it does come up during 
pujas etc.  if jabAlA was young and preoccupied with other things she 
could have missed it though.

Let's do an impromptu survey.  All readers who are male Brahmanas should 
ask their wives about their gotra.  It will be eye-opening I think.  I 
asked my wife Jyoti and she had to think about it but got it right on the 
second attempt. She said she overhears me and my son say it during 
abhivandan.  But it is not personally relevant to her even though she is 
involved in many dharmic activities.

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