[Advaita-l] During last few years of life, what should a jiJNaasu (जिञासु) hold on to or study or contemplate on?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Jun 27 02:13:12 CDT 2016


There is nothing called "last few years in life" as we don't know
what would happen the next moment. 

Try to be aware of this and be in constant awareness of this "I".

Now, coming to the point :

One should prepare oneself for the final exit in a royal way
rather than clinging to one's family members, getting 
bothered about the well-being of one's children / grand-children.

Prioritization of 4 puruSArthAs would make oneself constantly
aware of one's responsibilities which would eventually lead 
towards the final liberation.

I would suggest constant remembrance of bhaja-govindam
song, viSNu-sahasrAnAma, bhagavat-gIta and one upanishad
for contemplation (books should be reduced to minimum)

One should stay away from unnecessary arguments related
to logic, reading too many books lest leads to "shAstra-vAsana".

Last but not the least, always remembrance of the holy name "nArAyaNa" 
and "rAmA".  


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