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On Mon, 27 Jun 2016, Aurobind Padiyath wrote:

> Are you reading any English translation? You may go through the following
> links also.
> http://www.rkmissionkhetri.org/news/?p=131
> https://youtu.be/67nE0-vjLUY
> http://vaniquotes.org/wiki/Satyakama_Jabala_was_born_of_a_maidservant,_but_
> wanted_to_become_a_brahmana,_and_so_he_approached_Gautama_Muni_for_initiati
> on

No I only read the shankarabhashya in Sanskrit and your links amply 
demonstrate the necessity.  The slanderous idea that Jabala was 
promiscuous and that Satyakama was of illegitimate birth is utter nonsense 
and has no support in the text of the upanishad or in the bhashya.

Remember a couple of months ago there was a todo about some American 
professor who was allegedly "distorting our shastras"?  Unfortunately this 
is ample proof that there are brown skinned Indians who are willing to do 
the same thing.  I hope there will be a similar level of outrage towards 
these wretched pashandas.

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