[Advaita-l] Crossing death is not immortality

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Sun Jun 26 15:58:38 CDT 2016

Namaste Jaldhar ji,

OK. jnAnam (knowledge) is a vritti, and the generation of that is additive.
It may result in the removal of several misconceptions, but that jnAnam is
not something inherently present in all beings - it has to be generated.
This knowledge has both subtractive elements (I am not the BMI), but also
additive (I am not limited to this, I am in fact everything).

As you know, this jnAna (knowledge) is different from jnAna(consciousness).
It is the latter which is everything's inherent nature and cannot be
obtained or lost. By the generation of the former, the ignorance that
obscures the latter is destroyed.

On Sun, 26 Jun 2016, Venkatraghavan S wrote:

> Namaste,
> Gyana can certainly be obtained. While one does not obtain Brahman or
> become
> Brahman, as one is Brahman in reality, that knowledge is obscured by
> ignorance. The obtaining of knowledge in essence is the removal of that
> ignorance.

I think you are just restating the same thing I said.  The point is it is a
subtractive process not additive.  That's why it is described in negative
terms, neti neti or a-dvaita.

> Jnana can only arise through shravaNa manana nidhidhyAsana (SMN). No amount
> of nitya naimittika karma anushthAna, in the absence of SMN, will help in
> obtaining knowledge. While karmayoga can help in chitta shuddhi, it is not
> sufficient for jnAna.
No of course not but in light of what was said is above, it helps in a
negative way by removing the impediments to SMN.

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