[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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Wed Jun 15 07:52:28 CDT 2016

Dear Sri Anand Ji,

Reg  <<
And this is accepted by all advaitins, not just PrakAshAnanda. There is
nothing here that singles out PrakAshAnanda from the rest of the advaitins.

Quite so.  Perhaps that is why, as I mentioned earlier on also,
PrakAshAnanda is considered an advaitin only !!

Reg  << Basically this verse is saying that from knowledge of shruti
mAyA is nonexistent (tuccha, कालत्रयेऽप्यसती nonexistent in all three
periods of time, as Ramakrishna the commentator says), from a logical
approach, it is anirvacanIyA, and from only worldly knowledge, it is real.>>,

 In fact this is exactly what prompts PrakAshAnanda ( hereon I am only
going by what Dasgupta has presented ) to postulate his prakriya to
establish the advaitic sidhAnta without resorting to anirvachaniya ( second
alternative in above verse cited by you )  prakriya  which according to him
is defective as it does not accord with the shruti and is not able to
satisfactorily refute the objections raised against it , and goes on to
establish the sidhAnta through his postulate  based on the first
alternative ( which is what is in accordance with the shruti )  namely mAyA
is nonexistent (tuccha, कालत्रयेऽप्यसती nonexistent in all three
periods of time.

I just quote briefly from Dasgupta here. The book itself may be referred
for further details ( pp 220-224 ).

Quote from A history of Indian Philosophy   <<  If one looks at mAyA in
accordance with the texts of the Vedas, mAyA will appear to be an
absolutely fictitious nonentity (tuccha ), like the hare’s horn; if an
attempt is made to interpret it logically, it is indefinable
(anirvachaniya), though common people would always think of it as being
real( vAstavI ). PrakAshAnanda thus preaches the extreme view of the
vEdAnta, that there is no kind of objectivity that can be attributed to the
world, that mAyA is absolutely nonexistent, that our ideas have no
objective substratum to which they correspond, that the self is the one and
only ultimate reality, and that there is no causation or creation of the
world. >>  Unquote.



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