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Our Friend and former member of Advaita-l Shri Krishnamurti Ramakrishna 
has passed on some news which I think may interest many readers.

The Nama Ramayana is short but profound text that condenses the entire 
Ramayana into 108 names.  In the 1990s Swami Harshananda (RK math 
Bangalore.) delivered a commentary in Kannada on the Nama Ramayana.  Now 
shri Ramakrishna has translated and transcribed the discourse into an 
English text and published it for the Dharmic public.

The commentary (and the Text) draws material from the Valmiki
Rāmāyaṇa, Adhyatma Rāmāyaṇa, Ananda Rāmāyaṇa and sri Tulasidas's
Ramacharita Manas. Over 3000 verses from these sources are cited
in the commentary and the Text (Sanskrit text, English
transliteration followed by explanation). In addition, extensive
quotations from Bhagavad Gita, Upanishats, Brahma Sutras, Veda
and other texts on Hindu Dharma, cited in the commentary are
also included in the Text, along with their meanings. The
salient features of the Text include

*  Commentary on aspects of Hindu Dharma like
   1. Antyeshti (King Dasharatha’s death)
   2. Vedic vivaha ( Sita kalyana)
   3. Gruha Pravesha (Rāma entering the cottage in Chitrakuta)

*  Commentary on Bhakti
   a. Rama teaching Bhakti to Lakshmana
   b. Rama teaching Bhakti to Shabhari
   c. Commentary on Prapatti (Vibhishana sharanagati)

*  Commentary on Advaita Philosophy
   1. Rama teaching philosophy to Lakshmana
   2. Rama teaching philosophy to Tara

*  A comprehensive review of the apparently controversial issues in
   1. Vali vadha
   2. Sita agni Pariksha
   3. Sita parityaga
   4. Shambhuka vadha

*  Comprehensive commentary on:
   1. Āditya Hrudaya
   2. Rama Gita ( Adhyatma Ramayana – this has come to be recognized as a
       Prakarana grantha of advaita philosophy).

This is a limited edition printed and hard bound book of 890 pages. Around 
25 copies are still available.  It costs $30 including shipping. This 
price covers the cost of printing only.  It is a labor of love not for 

If you wish to sample it first before buying, the Balakanda and RamaGeeta 
chapters from the book are available for perusal at 
https://ruthaavaree.wordpress.com/archived_texts/.  Please address further
questions to vaangmayee at gmail.com not the list.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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