[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

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I only intended to mean  that Dasgupta has also interpreted it the same way
as I had done earlier on my own . I am not depending on any endorsement by
Dasgupta for the correctness of my understanding. Nor am I suggesting that
he is an authority on the subject. I have presented earlier the reasons for
my understanding based on the contents of the work by Prakashananda.  I
have also presented in support of my understanding what is mentioned in
Sidhantaleshasamgraha about the versions of DSV. I have also mentioned that
Dasgupta has also presented what in his view are the reasons which prompted
PrakAshAnanda to take such an extreme view on the issue. I have given
reference to where Dasgupta has made the statements I have referred. It is
certainly open for anyone to come to his own conclusions.


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>  >* status. According to PrkAshAnanda Creation is just a fictitious
> nonentity, *>* “tuccha”, as mentioned in “ A history of Indian Philosophy “
> by Sri *>* Surendranath Dasgupta. Infact it is indeed like a Hare’s Horn
> only. Sri *>* Dasgupta also presents the reasons which prompted
> PrakAshAnanda to adopt *>* such an extreme position. He however also takes
> care to specifically state *>* that PrakAshAnanda is an advaitin only !!*
> Where exactly does Dasgupta say that according to PrakAshAnanda creation is
> a fictitious entity? Please also note that Dasgupta is not necessarily
> correct in interpreting Advaita, and his views are more academically
> oriented as opposed to one who has traditionally studied advaita or one who
> has an exclusive interest (read shraddhA) in advaita.
> Anand
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