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> I would like to clarify this. One should not confuse asat (tuccha) for
> prAtibhAsika satya. It is true that PrakAshAnanda debunks the notion of
> vyAvahArika satya. But this does not mean that he relegates the status of
> the world to a

A correction. I meant to say "One should not confuse prAtibhAsika satya for
asat (tuccha)", but ended up reversing the order of the relevant words.


> mere tuccha entity, such as a hare's horns (unless of course he is
> speaking from a pArAmArthika viewpoint). Again, the key operating principle
> to remember here is the svapna dRShTAnta. Nobody equates dream objects to
> totally nonexistent objects such as a hare's horn. Why? As the dream
> objects are *perceived*, whereas a hare's horns are never perceived. If
> PrakAshAnanda had denied *perception* itself, he would have been open to
> the charge of making the status of the world tuccha. But he does not deny
> perception. What he does is to use dream perception as the basis to
> interpret perception in the waking state.
> That said, it is also true that DSV/EJV leads to several
> "counter-intuitive" results that seem to run against the "common sense"
> view of the world. For instance, PrakAshAnanda argues that the continuity
> of the waking state which is experienced by every individual, as opposed to
> the lack of continuity in the dream state, is itself an illusion. We see
> that when we wake up from sleep, the waking state reveals the world remains
> the same as before, with all the relationships, people, things, intact. For
> example, if I had completed 90% of a job before I went to sleep, when I
> wake up, the job is still 90% complete. However, the dream state experience
> is not necessarily this. When we dream, it is not necessarily a
> continuation of the dream we had earlier (with an intervening waking
> period). PrakAshAnanda holds that this "continuity" of the waking state is
> an illusion!
> The DSV/EJV is the main Advaita doctrine as confirmed by MadhusUdana
> Sarasvati in the SiddhAnta bindu. and also Sadananda Yati in the Advaita
> Brahma Siddhi, where he agrees with MadhusUdana.
> अयमेव एकजीववादाख्यो मुख्यो वेदान्तसिद्धान्तः. This is also borne out by
> Nana Dikshita's statement (quoted earlier) that PrakAshAnanda's school had
> numerous followers all over India at one point. However, as Sadananda Yati
> points out, only those (rare) individuals who had performed good deeds in
> many lives, who, with dedication to God and with God's grace, have attained
> shraddhA in advaita, and who have practiced shravaNa, manana, and
> nididhyAsana can grasp it in the mind.  इदं च् अनेकजन्मार्जितसुकृतस्य
> भगवदर्पणेन भगवदनुग्रहफलाद्वैतश्रद्धाविशिष्टस्य
> निदिध्यासनसहित-श्रवणादिसम्पन्नस्यैव चित्तारूढं भवति। Perhaps, it is for
> this reason this theory is a well-kept secret and not many contemporary
> Advaita teachers teach this or even discuss it.
> Anand

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