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Cannot make out which part is yours and which part is Anandaji's/
Hari Om!

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 Dear Sri Anand Ji,
 > Namaste.
 > Reg  << The
 इष्टसिद्धि, in a
 section called
 refutes the notion of difference
 between the seer and seen. PrakAshAnanda makes use of this
 effectively to
 > deny any separate
 existence of the creation from the seer.>>,
 > the position is
 clarified in इष्टसिद्धि itself
 immediately thereafter
 > while refuting
 the objections raised by the opponents.
 > Quote from
 इष्टसिद्धि ( translation by A J Alston
 as appearing in the
 > work “ The Method
 of the Vedanta “)  << There is no defect at all in
 > view. For we accept that the
 universe is the work of mAyA. And mAyA and its
 > effects are indeterminable as either a
 reality or as an unreality. On our
 system, there is not even a suspicion of the defects that
 affect the
 > doctrine that the world is
 totally real and the doctrine that it is totally
 > unreal >>. Unquote.
 > Thus the position of
 इष्टसिद्धि is very different from the
 position taken
 > by PrakAshAnanda that
 << Perception itself is Creation( only jnAnAdhyAsa
 > >> . This statement (
 attributed to PrakAshAnanda in Sidhantaleshasamgraha
 >  ) is also  very different from what you
 state above that  “PrakAshAnanda
 makes use of this effectively to
 > deny
 any separate existence of the creation from the seer”. SDV
 > holdson to such a view.
 > Also  your
 statement  <<  Besides,
 VidyAraNya has also accepted the दृष्टिरेव
 सृष्टिः principle in his
 commentary on the nRsiMha-uttaratApanIya upanishad and the
 > vArtikasAra
 सृष्टिरुच्यते), which I quoted
 earlier.>> applies
 > equally well
 to the first alternative of DSV mentioned in
 > Sidhantaleshasamgraha namely  <<
 What is perceived is Created ( both
 jnAnAdhyAsa and arthAdhyAsa ) >>.
 > Reg  <<
 PrakAshAnanda only logically developed what was already
 > to him
 through previous AchAryas.>>,
 PrakAshAnanda himself does not refer to any earlier work in
 his book
 > Vedanta Sidhantamuktavali in
 support of his postulate. On the otherhand he
 > quotes  the Svetasvatara Upanishad mantra
 as the defining vAkya for his
 postulate. Clearly showing that it is an independent
 postulate not based on
 > any previously
 available prakriyas through previous AchAryAs. Can you
 > please cite any other previous work which
 clearly postulates that “Perception
 itself is Creation( only jnAnAdhyAsa ) “.
 > Regards
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