[Advaita-l] Benefits of Yoga- Ancient Indian Science

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Sun Jan 31 22:41:10 CST 2016

Dear Friends,                        The current topic the thread is beyond my level of understanding so to address that indirectly we need to focus on Yoga.SadaJi raised another good question thatDo I need to have a personal contact with the guru?My answer to this is YES, some times you require that contact badly, although physical presence may not be required at all the times, but we need to keep the contact with guru to know him completely at a non-materialistic plane and to know our selfs,& what is our Laskhya!
                 YOGA: By doing all our house hold activities with duty minded and reaching ideality at the workplace, stress has become normal part of daily life of most of the people. Then yoga is rescue to live stress free life. Scientific evidences were there that yoga lowers blood pressure, helps in lower cholesterol levels, Body mass Index can be kept constant at any part of one's life,People can lose weight and maintain healthy life style.Yoga Involves the mind and body reduces anxiety, depression, cures cancer, increases levels of several neuro transmitters, cortisol, as we measures in our laboratory most frequently.There are several types of yoga one among them according to sage patanjali is Ashtanga yoga which starts with yama, niyama, dharana, sadhana and Pratyaharana.
Most important one, which suits me well, slow moving life style is thatHatha-Yoga which we will discuss it separately.
Source: Speaking Tree, Times
regardsKameswara Rao

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