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Fri Jan 29 20:55:52 CST 2016

Source: Speaking Tree, Times of India, Author: Sh. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Dear Friends,                       Every individual wants peace of mind, but it is very hard to find a person who can say that he has attained such a state of mental  equilibrium which will allow him to live a life of tranquility. A person having the splitting of mind i.e schizophrinic trait, not the disease requires the Tranquillisers use for some time as they only his mind is calm and cool. If you don't give that medicine, he is aggravated in his thoughts and situation is not under his control. To control this one require medicines.
Peace of Mind is a distant dream for all of us, the main reason for this people hanker after ideal peace i.e pure peace - a peace that is free from all kinds of non peace items. But the kind of Absolute peace is not in Nature's house. Studies in psychology an untroubled mind very soon becomes stagnant.  It looses its creativity. For this reason, Nature always leads people into challenging situation. It is non-peace which acts as a challenge to the mind.  This guarantees that creativity of the peaceful mind never comes to end. Creative mind is always ALIVE. 
It is a common phenomena that who is born in affluence and has a problem free life, very soon finds his mind becoming dull. while the one who is born into a life of problems and hard ships  has an active mind. Such a person develops creative thinking and his intellectual development continually grows unhindered. 
For this there are many examples in history. One of my personal example, I would like to mention here that my maternal uncle died due to cancer infront my grand father who was alive at that time. My grand father died due to the grief of his son (my uncle)  who passed away infront of him. I am a witness in both the case, but even my self could not able to understand the passing away of my maternal grand father although no single sign of unhealthy ness was there during his last days. It may be dueto Karmic bondages only.But what I want understand that how to control grief, mind for the things which are beyond control.How to keep cool in those situation where you don't have any role to do and it is not so easy to impliment to follow or act, as the mind is under constant turmoiling.Then what do in this case?Any learned member comment on this, pls share you views cordially.
with regardsKameswara Rao

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