[Advaita-l] Devi Gayatri chandas

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Sun Jan 24 08:34:37 CST 2016

SrI mAtre namaH 

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Answer to your query " 1. In the ऋषि-छन्दस्-देवता invocation for Pranava, we say - प्रणवस्य ऋषि
ब्रह्म देवी गायत्री छन्दः परमात्मा देवता " lies in  'pingala chhanda sutra ' . 
It says प्रथमं छंदस्त्रिपदा गायत्री i.e. the first chhanda is gayatrI having 3 padas ( of 8 aksharas )  and also it says देव्येकं  i.e.  if 'devi' visheshana ( adjective ) is mentioned with gayatrI chhanda it becomes chhanda of one akshara . Hence देवी गायत्री छन्दः means a chhanda having one akshara only .  Similarly if devi adjective is added to anushtubha i.e. devi anushtubha it becomes chhanda of three akshara and  devi paNkti chhanda means a chhanda having five akshara i.e. in panchAksharaM . ( There are such eight adjectives starting from Arshi to brahmi in chhanda sutra ) 
For narayana astAksharaM I'm unable to answer on basis of chhanda sutra and also it is out of scope of my spiritual studies .
Hope this may help you . ( please refer to pingala chhanda sutra and agnIpurana chapter 329 for more references )  . 


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