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Hari Om

what are the top 10 mantras that were quoted most often?

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> Now the references to Upanishads which form the core of his commentary on
> the Vedanta Sootras
> Upanishads:
> He isolated the Upanishad lore from the rest of the Vedic body and narrowed
> it down to ten or twelve Upanishads. Even here, he did not include the
> ritualistic portion of the Vedas. This was in contrast to the
> classification followed by the later Acharyas.
> Paul Deuessen the German Indologist in his work” The Systems of the
> Vedanta”, diligently counted the number of references made to Upanishad
> texts in Sri Shankara’s Vedanta Sutra Bashya. He found, Sri Shankara, in
> his Bashya, quoted Upanishad texts as many as 2,000 times. The Upanishads
> from which he quoted frequently and the number of quotes were: Chandogya
> (810), Brihadaranyaka (567), Taitereya (142), Manduka (129), Katha (103),
> Kaushitaki (88) and Svethavatara (53).
> The other Upanishads he referred to were: Prashna (39), Aithereya (22),
> Jabaala (13), Ishavasya (8) and kena (5).
> Besides he quoted from “Agni Rahasya” (Shathapatha Brahmana), Narayaniyam
> (Taitteriya Aranyaka) and “Pingani Rahasya Brahmana” as if to suggest they
> carried as much authority as the Upanishads.
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