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 Dear Friends, As per sriram P's sugesstion , I am not checking the fonts, phonotics and the ritualistic writing of the stanzas, I agree. All these sukta's has to be taught or learnt from guru mukha or by a poper vaidiki guru.
But my objective of posting these is that any one who knows or a youngster who is interested in knowing the meanings can understand the bhasya or translation of what they chants. Nothing more than that.kamesh

DURGA SUKTAMThis is a prayer to the fire God Agni occurring in the MahaNarayana Upanishad. Durga is used here as a word for Difficult problems.salutation to Durga in all aspects. (But many people consider this as prayer togoddess Durga for removing all obstacles and evils). This translation is basedon Maha NarayanaUpanishad by Swami Vimalanda.TheDurga sooktam in praise of Devi is one of the traditionally recited pancha sooktasof the Vedic tradition.

Om Jatavedasesunavamasomamaratiyato nidahati vedah
Sa nah parshhadati durgani vishva naveva sindhum duritatyagnih  1oblationsof Soma to the fire god, the all knowing one destroy all those who do not likeus, that divine fire lead us out of all perils,Like a captain takes his boatacross the sea and also save us from all wrongs. Tamagnivarnam tapasa jvalantimvairochanim karmaphaleshhu jushhtamh
Durgam devii sharanamaham prapadye sutarasi tarase namah  2 I takerefuge in the divine mother Durga, Who shines like a fire due to herpenances,Who resides in actions and their fruits and makes them effective,& I salute her who helps us to cross our difficulties. Agne tvam paaraya navyoasmaansvastibhiriti durgani vishva
Pushcha prithvi bahula na urvi bhava tokaya tanayaya shamyoh  3 God offire, you are worthy of praise,  by novelmethods you help us cross,The difficulties and make us happy, our land in this earth become extensive, the land for growing crops become large,& be pleased to join our children and Their children with joy andhappiness.
Vishvani no durgaha jatavedassindhunnanava duritatiparshhi
Agne atrivanmanasa grinanoasmakam bodhayitva tanunamh  4JathaVedas who is the destroyer of all sins, Make us cross all our troubles like aboat, which takes us to the other shore without problems,
Fire!, protect us like the sage Athri, who would take care of us,
Mindful of our safety and our happiness
Pritanajitamsahamanamugramagni huvema paramatsadhasthath Sa nah parshhadati durgani vishvakshamaddevo atiduritatyagnih  5

Weinvoke the fierce Fire God who is the leader of us all.
and who is the killer of all our enemies from the highest place,
To take us across all difficulties and all that is perishable and protect us
Pratnoshhikamidyo adhvareshhu sannachchahota navyashcha satsi Svanchagne tanuvam piprayasvasmabhyam cha saubhagamayajasva  6 FireGod, you are praised during all Havans and always increase our happiness, andexist as sacrifices, Which are olden and those which are new, Please make us,who are only yourself, happy, grant us good fortune from all our sides

Gobhirjushhtamayujonishhiktan tavendravishhnoranusamcharema Nakasya prishhthamabhisamvasano vaishhnavim loka iha madayantamh  7

Lord,you are not connected with sin and sorrow, Permit us to always serve you whopervades all wealth, May the Gods who live in the highest region make me, Whoadores Vishnu, delighted and happy and grant my wishes.
Om kaatyaayanaaya vidmahe Kanyakumaari dhiimahi Tanno durgih prachodayaath.  Om shaantih shaantih shaantih.

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