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Namaste, Rajeshji,

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> Namaste,
> >>>>>>>>>>Not the rope-snake, but here your very example of desert water
> works well. Having known that the water is nothing but its adhiShThAna
> desert sand, one doesn't stop seeing it as water, because the refraction
> superimposing water on the desert sand continues. Yet, one doesn't take it
> to be real water.>>>>>>>>
> Correct. This is certain that vidyA removes avaraNa only as vikshepa keep
> going."VedAnta paribhasa" also says that and it is also yuktisammata.
> prArabdha is considered as pratibandhaka in removal of vikshepa. So in that
> case it is better to say that avidhyA is not totally out OR why we say that
> only "lesh matra" avidhyA is there?

Removal of AvaraNa is removal of avidyA because removal of vikShepa is not
possible with the limited tools of the upAdhi. Its a perspective from a
standpoint of a limited body-mind-complex, especially the way others see
the jnAni's prArabdha body working. So it is called avidyAlesha, not
avidyA. Imagine that I cover something, lets say an idol of Krishna, with a
piece of an opaque cloth. Without knowing, you may guess it to be anything
and everything.You will see the cloth and shape of the idol, not knowing
what it is. However, once you are told that it is an idol of Krishna, you
know. Having known, you will not stop seeing the cloth and the shape of the
idol, but will you still consider yourself to be ignorant? Definitely not.
So it is leshamAtra, not avidyA. The more traditional example is what I
already wrote about in my earlier response today. One doesn't consider
oneself as having avidyA when one sees the sun rising and setting, though
he knows that the sun doesn't really rise or set. From the perspective of
the person on the earth (akin to limitations of body-mind complex of the
jnAni), sun appears to be rising.

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