[Advaita-l] sushupati anubhava of jnAni and ajnAni

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Namaste Rajesh bhai,

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> My emphasis on forgetting his true nature again is because of fear of
> avidhyA which, I think avaraNa remain active even after jnAnam, is there
> some manner.

jnAni's AvaraNa once gone cannot come back. TikAkAra Anandagiri indicates
this in the introduction to Mundaka, while refuting jnAna-karma samucchaya,
so: यदा ब्रह्मात्मैकत्वं विस्मरति तदा उत्पन्नविद्योऽपि करिष्यति ततः
समुच्चयः सम्भाव्यत इति न वाच्यम् इति आह-- विद्याया इति। Linking to what
Bhashyakara says: विद्यायाः कालविशेषाभावात् अनियतनिमित्तत्वात् च
कालसंकोचानुपपत्तेः ।  You may want to refer to that part in Kailashashram

As Durga Prasad Janaswamyji also replied that "To account for
> prArabda karma lesha mAtra avidya need to be accepted in case of a jnAni."
> So I asked about the possibility.

That avidyA talked of is avidyA lesha which is since prArabdha is seen in
the form of jnAni's body.

> If avidhyA is not there at all then adhyAropa also should not be there at
> all. But I think is not true, may be I am wrong. Like when we know the
> rajju, snake disappear.
> In case of mrigmarichika we keep seeing water even after knowing that is
> not water but in that case the AvarnNa and vikshepa both keep working.

There is only vikShepa, not AvaraNa. So the world is seen, but not as
different from brahman, since the true nature has been revealed once and
for all.

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