[Advaita-l] sushupati anubhava of jnAni and ajnAni

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Hari Om,

माण्डूक्योपनिषद्भाष्यम् Karika 1.2

निर्बीजतयैव चेत्, सति प्रलीनानां सम्पन्नानां सुषुप्तिप्रलययोः
पुनरुत्थानानुपपत्तिः स्यात् ; मुक्तानां च पुनरुत्पत्तिप्रसङ्गः,

"If Brahman in Its seedless (non-causal) state be meant there, then the
individuals that merge in It in deep sleep and dissolution cannot
reasonably re-emerge. If anybody can re-emerge from sleep or dissolution,
conceived of as nothing but identity with the pure Brahman, then there will
be the possibility of the freed souls returning to take birth again, for in
either case, the absence of cause is a common factor."

Commenting on above statement:
One Mahatma said that " for a j~nAni deep sleep is samAdhi."

Another Mahatma said that "prArabda karma continues even after realization.
To account for prArabda karma lesha mAtra avidya need to be accepted in
case of a j~nAni.        j~nAni sees duality but he will  not have satyatva
buddi in duality."


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> Namaste,
> Is there a difference in sushupati of ajnAni and jnAni?
> An ajnAni sushupati anubhava is "I slept well, I do not know anything, I
> experienced sukham."
> A jnAni statement is also the same or it is different.
> If it is same then is it possible that after some brain-injury his wrong
> conclusion, I am body, based on avidhyA could come back.
> Thanks
> --
> *Rajesh Benjwal*
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